A Customer-Service Focus Since 2004

A Customer-Service Focus Since 2004

A Tight-Knit Team

With an office in Madison, WI, Herkimer, LLC provides Web Development, creation of marketing collateral materials, and photography services to companies and organizations worldwide. We're a tight-knit team of Web developers, creatives, and business consultants dedicated to the goals of increasing our clients' sales, enhancing their productivity, and delivering Web experiences that are innovative, compelling, and effective.

Web Experts

As experts in every phase of Website creation, we actively engage our clients, their industry, and target audience throughout the site-creation process from needs-analysis to completion, drawing on our extensive experience to offer a final product that is graphically artistic, logically presented, and easy-to-use on every level.

  • Our team excels at all aspects of Website implementation including identifying mission-critical client needs, defining target audiences, producing creative yet functional aesthetics, originating audience-appropriate content and photographic media, and programming robust and dependable Web code. 
  • Clients including UW Madison and various departments from the State of Wisconsin have sought us out for our expertise with the Drupal CMS.
  • Our Timber POS Integration (targeting the book/retail industry) is used in more than seventy stores.

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike other Web development firms, at Herkimer we consider our customer to be our first priority.  We take pride in not only creating a Web presence that functions at the highest level, but in providing a rich customer experience where messages are promptly returned, questions quickly addressed, and projects are completed on-time. Total customer satisfaction is the primary motivator for every facet of our business. In fact, over ninety-nine percent of our clients are referrals from other satisfied clients!

To Sum it All Up

Exceptional creativity and reliable programming coupled with an intense focus on customer satisfaction make Herkimer, LLC the best choice to build your Website.

We are firm believers in the idea that, “If you don’t take care of the customer, someone else will.”