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Joe Gilliland-Lloyd

Web Developer

At a young age Joe was drawn to computers and technology. From designing Dragonball Z fan sites on Geocities to setting up Counter-Strike servers on his Dad's DSL modem nothing could stop a young Joe from learning and creating what he wanted. As he aged, Joe taught himself many media-related computer applications and techniques, including Graphic Design, Web Design, Sound Design, Music Production, Video Production and more. These skills lead to substantial experience in the web industry and his education in interdisciplinary arts and technology at UW-Milwaukee.

Today Joe's professional goal is to use his experience to help people creatively communicate their ideas via the various forms of digital media available, especially the web. He has an innate drive to help and educate in addition to a passion for novelty and learning.

In his personal time, Joe enjoys rooting for Wisconsin sports teams (Bucks, Brewers, Packers), playing video games, producing music, and cheeseburgers.

Steve Blair

Senior Web Developer

Steve grew up mostly in De Pere, WI. In high school, he acquired a second-hand computer that was already 5 years ancient. He immediately started programming in C/C++, used it to get online and actually met his future wife online in 1997.

After high school, he moved to Madison and earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Herzing College.

Since graduating, Steve has concentrated on developing dynamic custom and CMS-driven Websites and applications, using a plethora of ever-changing web technologies.

Outside of work, Steve enjoys working on his 1901 Queen Anne Victorian home, gardening with his wife, welding custom bicycles and garden art, and restoring and driving his 1969 MG Midget.

Lisa Marks

Project Manager

A stark counterpoint to her computer-nerd coworkers, Lisa had no computer growing up. In fact, she typed her school papers on a typewriter (especially tragic when teachers asked for multiple copies). 

Following a disability injury in 2005, Lisa left her position at Meriter Hospital and began her foray into Web/media development. While she recovered, she learned best practices for Web-building and graphic design. 

Lisa’s role at Herkimer has grown to include updating client sites and building new features, managing logistics for the office and large projects. Some of Lisa’s goals for work include: becoming more proficient with vector-based illustration, increasing her involvement with customers, and learning more advanced programming.

In her personal life, you will find Lisa playing with saltwater fish, scuba diving, gardening with her daughter, ice skating, playing tennis, leading a Monona Girl Scout troop, boating, and when she’s really lucky -- flying small airplanes. 

Nathan Marks

Founder, Creative Guy

Nathan’s parents brought home their first computer when he was four. The year was 1980. Within minutes, his graham-cracker encrusted fists were pounding keys with abandon, and square floppy disks were strewn about the room. 

Along with his lifelong fascination for all things electronic, his professional skill set has been honed through positions as a Graphic Designer, Training Coordinator, and Product Manager.

Nathan founded Herkimer in 2003 when he first started taking-on freelance Web and design projects. Since then, the company has added an amazingly talented full-time staff, and built more than 300 sites for a diverse set of companies and organizations. He is passionate about business, and using the Internet to ignite success for Herkimer’s clients. 

He cherishes free time with his wife and daughter, and his hobbies include: boating, skiing, wake-boarding, rollerblading, scuba diving, electric vehicles, and shooting photos.