We Build Custom Integrations
Software solutions for unique business needs

Software solutions for unique business needs

Does your website use Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, or another content-management system? Platforms like these have a stunning array of integration options just waiting for you to enable. It has never been easier to set up e-Commerce, Social Media Management, SEO/SEM, and other features beneficial to your organization. 

However, when a unique business need or opportunity arises – where there is no off-the-shelf option, an experienced consultant is absolutely vital to your growth and goals. Over the past 15 years, Herkimer Media has authored dozens of custom integrations, helping our clients realize greater operational efficiency and profitability.

What is a Custom Integration?

A custom integration is software that links your data (Website, CRM, Inventory, Excel Spreadsheet, ERP System, etc…) to another platform.  Some integrations take a few hours to create, and others can take months to thoughtfully plan, create, and test.

How About Some Examples?

The following scenarios came from our customers and provide a high-level perspective on how we created new/custom features to address their needs:

  • Do you have a brick-and-mortar store with an inventory of products that you would like to sell on your Website AND on Amazon simultaneously?  A Custom Integration to keep all the stock-levels in synch and assist with fulfillment is very handy.
  • Do you maintain a few thousand streetlights that are spread-out geographically and need periodic upkeep and outage-tracking?  A Custom Integration to handle customer-reports, alerting maintenance teams, and maintenance-history makes this easier.
  • Do you run a University Storeroom with thousands of parts and supplies used by faculty/students for projects billed under hundreds of project-codes?  A Custom Integration will help you track your inventory, provide reorder-alerts, and automatically export sales figures to your Campus Billing System.
  • Do you work in a construction environment where plans/specs change rapidly, and changes must be communicated to dozens of sub-contractors?  A Custom Integration will automatically transfer PDF plans to an Online Plan Center, and send out email alerts to the contractors affected by the changes.
  • Do you have customers that need to send you confidential data on a nightly or weekly basis?  A Custom Integration will keep their data safe by allowing them to automatically login to your website and upload encrypted files for you.

Ready to Learn More?

The goals of every client are different, but at the same time these projects all share some common traits:  collaboration is required, unforeseen opportunities emerge during testing, and the best integrations result in a reduction of work-effort or increased profitability.

If you have an exciting opportunity or complex problem and are curious about how a Custom Integration might address your need, we would love to hear from you!