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Selected Work


Property Development Company Web Site
A new look for a successful investment firm

EJ Plesko is a real estate development/investment firm with holdings all over the US. Their commercial properties fall into three categories that are prominent on their Web site: Residential, Retail, and Office.

Notable Site Features:

  • Properties are easily added by the site admin, and can be promoted to the home page rotations via a checkbox.
  • Avant-garde design with a highly-stylized background

Target Market: executives in the investment and financial community

Engineering Firm Web Site
An immersive site for a progressive firm

We worked with In-Form to build a site that reflects both their creative competence and enormous engineering capabilities.

Notable Site Features:

Target Market: companies that need design and production engineering

Biggest Challenge: ensuring that the pop-up and slide-out interactions functioned perfectly across all Web browsers

Baptist Church Web Site Relaunch
A comprehensive site to help spread their message

The Seventh Day Baptist General Conference headquarters is located in Southern Wisconsin. They serve many satellite churches throughout the world.

Notable Site Features:

  • Many different types of content are automatically formatted to maintain a clean layout: pages, blog posts, newsletters, forum posts, and purchaseable products
  • Administrators from their satellite locations can log into the site and post news
  • Private "Staff Area" for internal resources

Target Market: current and prospective church members

Biggest Challenge: Integrating an admin-updateable "Flipping Book" newsletter

Property Management Web Site
A lush site that reflects high-end apartment living

VanBuren Place is a brand-new development in a suburb on Madison's east side. Their site offers features and content for current and prospective residents.

Notable Site Features:

  • Secure application stores applicant info in a database. 
  • Applications can be accessed and printed by the site admin (and are printed as PDFs that are identical to their standard paper application).
  • Apartment photos can be updated easily by the site admin.
  • Herkimer designed the logo, and graphic standards/branding for this project.

Target Market: upmarket, single renters or couples

Senior Living: Multiple Integrated Web Sites
Managing Nine Sites From One Login is a Snap

SilverCrest Properties is a development/management company with seven major senior-living communities in three states. Each community has a unique Web site to enhance its brand, but all sites are managed from one login. This is the second version of the Silvercrest website that Herkimer helped to develop. The version 2 upgrade included updates to site graphics, a mobile responsive theme, an emphasis on simplistic navigation and printer friendly features. The site continues to be easy to update and manage.

Notable Site Features:

  • Simple navigation that emphasizes their core services
  • Text size buttons for displaying larger text
  • Seamless integration between the parent company site and 8 child company sites
  • Event pages with downloadable pdf calendars and featured events
  • Community tour pages
  • Photo galleries
  • Consistent theme throughout parent and child companies
  • Mobile Responsive Theme





Silvercrest Site Design
2010 - 2015
Silvercrest Site Design
Drupal 6 web development Drupal 7 web development




International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
Connecting a Worldwide Audience

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem site is a multi-country, multi-language site that is accessible and editable to the client through one login.


  • Auto-detect region knows the country the user is in based on their IP and feeds them the appropriate site
  • Several languages are used throughout the sites, the Hebrew site reads right to left
  • The site accepts donations from all of the countries
  • Users can select other regions with a fly-out country selector
  • Import of tens of thousands of historical news articles
  • Integrated email list management for 30,000 users


Third-Party Logistics Provider Web Site Relaunch
Real Time on The Web

RLS Corporation is a third-party logistics provider that connects clients with shipping solutions. Their site relaunch needed to be distinctive and contemporary.

Notable site features:

RLS provides their customers with cargo tracking information in real-time, so we built many information-rich features that are constantly updating automatically. On the home page, you can view current weather across the country, see industry news or compare up-to-the-minute fuel prices. It is a great resource for RLS customers!

We added a neat feature that automatically inserts their signature graphic anywhere they type "r-" in their text or page names in their CMS.

Growing into a New Site
A Long-Time Client Shifts Into High Gear

In the years we've worked with the Great Dane, they've grown from one location to five, (Congrats to them on their success!) and literally "outgrew" their old site.

The Great Dane Pub was looking for a fresh look and an easier to use content management system. Features Include:

  • Location specific domains (each Great Dane location has a mini-website of their own)
  • Events Calendar
  • Featured news and community involvement
  • Store and checkout
  • Mobile version of the site
  • Photo Galleries
  • Stunning background images on every page
CPAs with Focus on Fresh and Friendly
An Updated Look for Wegner CPAs

Wegner CPAs, a Herkimer client since 2005, needed a fresh and modern Website to compliment their rebranding.  Built with custom modules that place related content and staff contact information on each page, this information-rich site was created to be an information powerhouse.  

Unique Site Features Include:

  • A custom Home Page that allows for quick and easy updating to showcase recent accomplishments and news items
  • Interactive Staff Directory with mouse rollover navigation
  • Custom webforms, including "Request a Quote" drop-down, Newsletter sign-ups and an online employment application
  • Back-end staff database that curates relevant staff contacts on every Service and Industry page
Wisconsin Paint Manufacturer's Colorful New Look
Modern Design for a Traditional Company

Color takes center stage in the new website for Wisconsin-based paint manufacturer hallman-lindsay. This site was built with color and design in mind, and features a highly customizable content management system, as well as several unique design tools for site visitors. Unique Site Features Include:

  • A Home Page with an customizable background, allowing featured news and product stories to be color matched
  • Interactive design tools including “Click and Paint” and a comprehensive Color Gallery
  • A design inspired by color with a clean modern menu layout, allowing the site aesthetics to remain front and center
  • An easy-to-navigate content management system allowing for dynamic updates and content additions
Resident Services Inc.
Property Manager, Manages Multiple Sites

Resident Services Inc. is a valued long-time Herkimer client. Prior to the new site launch, RSI was using a Mambo Content Management Site (CMS) that served them very well for many years. When it came time to update the CMS to Drupal, it allowed us to implement some major functions, ease the management capabilities for RSI's staff and update the look and feel.


Website features for RSI version 2:

  • Built on Drupal 7 platform
  • Domains installation, allows the management of multiple domains from one central site and content sharing across all sites
  • Fully integrated site structure with a parent (company) website and 4 children (individual apartment complex sites) websites
  • Webforms for managing secure applications and service requests
  • Detailed floor plan display pages
  • Mobile Responsive to keep the site looking great across all browsers
UW Oshkosh Bookstore
E-commerce Made Easy

UW Oshkosh Bookstore was developed by Timber, an e-commerce bookstore solution offered by Herkimer. Herkimer has developed 50 e-commerce bookstore websites through Timber to date. The majority of Timber websites are college bookstores and are located throughout the country and Internationally. We chose to showcase UW Oshkosh to represent Timber sites to show our home state Titan pride!

This Timber website and all Timber College edition websites feature the following:

  • Intuitive e-commerce layout
  • Text-book term lookups to make it easy to locate required course materials
  • Easy-to-use Drupal Content Management System
  • Ubercart e-commerce website tools
  • Product search features
  • Featured product categories, upsell options and coupon modules
  • Find out about more Timber features by visiting:
  • Mobile Responsive to keep the site looking good on all devices

(You do not need to be a Timber customer to have a great e-commerce site. Herkimer builds custom e-commerce site solutions for all types of retail.)





Performance Exterior
Elegant Simplicity

Performance Exteriors & Contracting is a new Herkimer client and a fun group to work with. The site that we built for them is simple, but a lot of fun. Users get to the home page and know exactly where to go with large callouts to the main services. To add a bit of excitement to the mix, the logo and social media icons were programmed to spin when a user hovers over them. The Gallery showcases past work from PE&C and this is where they REALLY shine so the site needed to really work for them here. Their impressive imagery is showcased in an interactive gallery.

Website Highlights:

  • Built on Drupal 7 Content Management System
  • Utilizes a mobile responsive theme to look good on any device
  • Interactive css elements to add a bit of pizzazz 
  • Easy navigation
Capital Fitness
Gym Site Gets a Workout

Capital Fitness came to Herkimer with an existing WordPress site that was in need of updating. The WordPress site was difficult to use and although it had a Content Management System, fell short of expectations with a number of hurdles to editing. The site was set up in a way that required the end-user to know a good deal of HTML in order to make site changes and updates.

For several months Herkimer cared for the edits on the Word Press site while working on a brand-new, mobile-responsive Drupal 7 site. The end results proved to be worthwhile. When the new Capital Fitness site was launched it was like flipping a light switch and putting the power back into the client's hands. With the launch of the new site and a quick training, their staff was able to dive in and make their own edits. The new site saved them from a high monthly retainer fee on the WordPress site.

The new site has a very dramatic color palette and intense photos to compliment the design.

Site Highlights:

  • Simple Display of Gym Events Schedule
  • Mobile-responsive site design 
  • Highlight pages for Sangha Yoga and Elevation Spa
  • e-Commerce Integration for selling products
  • Drupal 7 content management system