Capital Fitness
Downtown's Top Fitness/Yoga Studio

Thu, 06/23/2016 - 14:21 -- admin
Downtown's Top Fitness/Yoga Studio

An urban fitness destination with a holistic approach to health

This complex project harnesses many different moving parts and presents them to visitors in a unified way.  They include: e-Commerce, fitness calendars with repeating classes, a fitness blog, various galleries and media.

A high-functioning site that reflects Capital Fitness' mission and values:

The deep grey/pale blue color palatte communicates a sense of grit and toughness, but it is tempered by the photo selection: closely-cropped photos of people and classes.

  • All text and photos are updated easily using the Drupal content-management toolset
  • The mobile layout emphasizes the fitness class-schedule to make it easy for members to verify times/dates
  • An integrated social-media flyout, displays recent activity on the Capital Fitness Facebook and Twitter accounts