Great Dane
Brewing up new branding

Wed, 07/13/2016 - 09:41 -- admin
Brewing up new branding

The evolution of an incredible company's website

The Herkimer team is excited to share the latest installment of the The Great Dane Pub's website. With a focus on mobile users and ease-of-navigation, it presents an amazing amount of information on their locations, beers, menus, and events. This marks the third site that we have built for them since 2006.

Drupal 7 Mobile Responsive Site Accent

Brewing up Something New

Our favorite features on the new Great Dane Pub site include:

  • Reservation system that sends alerts to each store manager
  • Beer-Finder that lets you locate nearby retailers and watering-holes
  • Easy-to-browse menu with expandable images/descriptions
  • Beer Geek Data Display for each item they cary