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Tell Your Best Story

Tell Your Best Story


Herkimer’s professional Web and promotional copywriting services give words to your vision. You know your business better than anyone – let us define your message through strategic, persuasive and effective Web content and promotional copywriting.

Writing for the Web

Our approach to writing for your website targets not only to those who visit (and linger) on your site but also to those who might discover upon your site using a search engine. Incorporating SEO strategy into your Web content is as crucial as writing compelling Web copy, and Herkimer employs both to create the most effective language.

Promotional Writing

Your story continues beyond your website. Our professional staff is skilled in writing across multiple media platforms and can ensure a unified voice is used throughout all of your marketing materials. Whether you need a brochure, case statement or other promotional piece, Herkimer will compose your story using persuasive and compelling content.



Lighting, composition, and storytelling are all very important for artsy photos. However capturing and preparing the right photo for a Web site, print ad, or portfolio takes a little bit more.  And we’ve got it -- here are a few examples:

Originally this house photo was pretty nice.

But for a print ad, it needed more head-room for ad copy.

What a great historical building.

But it is even better without the stoplights.

A roof-top swimming pool during the construction phase.

But water, and a sunset make it more appealing.


The Next Step

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